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Meet Our Faculty

What separates our outstanding faculty members from others is the depth of their knowledge and the distinctiveness of their talents and skills in their respective scientific fields. As academic leaders and broadly experienced practitioners, each faculty member brings years of theoretical and practical experience to the classroom affording our students the opportunity to learn and grow their careers through course facilitation, academic residencies, externship mentoring and professional development. Quite simply, ACAS has a faculty that “makes a difference” in the lives and careers of each and every one of our students.

Please note that the faculty members featured below may not constitute an inclusive listing of all current ACAS faculty and are faculty that are currently under contract with the college but may not teach each semester. For the most up to date list by semester, please refer to the current Academic Catalog or contact the Office of Student Services 800.403 DEGREE (3347) ext. 703.



Marine Cassoret
BSc. University of London
Ph.D., University of Bristol
Board Certified Companion Animal Behaviorist

  Eric Burkholder
A.A. Pre-Education, Ferris State University
B.S. Psychology, Western Michigan University
M.A. Experimental Psychology, Central Michigan University
Ph.D. Psychology, University of Nevada Reno

Robert DeFranco
B.A. Psychology,
State University of New York at Stony Brook
M.S. Psychology, Walden University
A.B.D. Academic Psychology (Ph.D. in progress),
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Board Certified Companion Animal Behaviorist


Rachel Nicolle Matthews

Ph.D., Psychology, University of Texas
B.S., Psychology, Oklahoma City University

Janice Gaboury Pulcini
B.Ed. Universite de Monctony
M.A., Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis,
University of Nevada, Reno
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Kathleen Morgan
B.A. Psychology, Canisius College
Ph.D. Psychology, University of California, Davis

Christy Harrison
M.Ed., Georgia Southern University
B.A. Spanish, Georgia Southern University


James Jakubow
Dean of Research

B.A., Psychology, Temple University
M.A., Psychology, Western Michigan University
Ph.D. Psychology, City University of New York

Pauline Lant
B.S. Medical Technology, Michigan Technological University

D.V.M., University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine

Angela Nelson
B.S. Biology, Brigham Young University
Ph.D. Plant Pathology, Cornell University

Jack J. Berger
B.Sc. mathematics and Statistics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
M.A. Mathematical Statistics, Columbia University

Alaina Macri
MSc, Animal Behavior & Animal Welfare,
The University of Edinburgh
BSc, Biological Sciences, University of Windsor

Jacquelyn Cato
B.S. Biology, Florida State University
M.S. Biology, Saint Joseph College
Animal Science, Biology

Scott Coleman
B.A. Psychology, Texas Christian University
M.S. Experimental Psychology, The University of Texas Arlington
Ph.D.Psychology, Biology and Animal Behavior, The University of Texas Arlingtono

David Lemire
B.A. Psychology/Sociology, Linfield College
Ed.S. School Counseling, Idaho State University
Ed.S. Educational Administration, Idaho State University
M.Ed. Social Science Education, Linfield College
Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction, Kansas State University
Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Patricia Wynn Norman
B.S. Communication, Cornell University
M.A. Communications, New York Institute of Technology
Ph.D. Communication, University of Michigan

Kay Dinkla
B.A. Psychology, Central Washington State College


Susan Steven-Blackshear
B.S. Biology, Bates College
M.S. Physical Education/Athletic Training, Indiana State University
Certified Veterinary Technician