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Undergraduate Programs

Are you interested in one of our undergraduate programs? Below are our one of kind animal science programs!


Bachelor's of Science in Companion Animal Science

Associate's of Science Canine Behavior Analysis, Care and Counseling


Our undergraduate degree programs were developed with busy adult learners in mind who wish to begin a career, or enhance a current one, working with animals and their caregivers. Courses are facilitated by instructors holding PhD, DVM, JD or Master degrees in their subject area and are taught in online classrooms on our Virtual Campus. Students can log in anytime, 24/7/365, from any computer or hand held device with an Internet connection. Additionally, ACAS uses real-time video-conferencing software to hold SIMs (synchronous interactive meetings) with classes that support up to 15 students/faculty with web cams with audio/video creating a classroom environment that rivals a traditional college classroom.


Academic Residency Labs and Externship Practicum with Animals

The college's clinical animal behavior and welfare programs would not be complete without lab and practicum courses with animals. Academic Residency Lab (ARL) courses are held at animal facilities in the U.S. The Equine residency is currently held at the college's 20 acre Dream Pond Science Field Station and Reserve in Crescent City, Florida U.S.A. located nearby the college administrative offices. The Canine and Feline ARL's are currently held at the Flagler Humane Society located in Palm Cost, Fl.  Externship practicums may be completed by students in real-world animal facilities in their community or while working alongside animal professionals. In some cases, faculty will work with students to arrange their externship practicum at exciting and rewarding locations anywhere in the world where animals are available and in need of attention.


Academic Research Capstones 

Learning new skill sets that can be directly applied to career employment or the development of an animal-related business or professional practice is only one feature of ACAS academic programs. Students learn to develop critical thinking skills and research skills in order to solve problems that they will face in their careers and personal lives. All bachelor and master degree program students will design and complete a thesis research project under the guidance of their thesis committee. ACAS encourages students to present their work at poster sessions or as paper presentations at educational conferences. In addition, the research center here at the college will assist students who wish to pursue publication of their study in peer review scientific publications.


A Career working with Animals

These are only a few of the commitments that our institution makes to each and every one of our students in our college community. The process begins with an application for admission and continues beyond program completion with our alumni and career development professionals. We invite you to explore our college community and its academic programs and student support services and to download a current Academic Catalog.



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