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Why Our Students Love Us


The faculty and staff at the American College are proud of the academic and career accomplishments of its students and graduates. Below are some of the things they are saying about their academic achievements at our college and their subsequent career successes.


There has not been a day in my dog training career that I haven't used the information and knowledge gained from my education at ACAS. With 15 years of hands-on experience in the dog training world, I did not have the “book knowledge” and theoretical foundation under my belt. My courses in animal learning theory, family counseling, animal nutrition and wellness, business practices and ethics, in addition to several 5-day academic residencies working with faculty and dogs, have been tremendously valuable to me in helping families to solve behavior problems with their dogs. A challenging, exciting and useful educational program!

Teri Thomas
Angels in the Making, LLC
Grand Junction, CO USA

ACAS provided me with a solid foundation for starting my canine behavioral counseling practice. Although I began with no prior animal training or academic learning and behavior experience, the college's online theoretical courses and hands-on academic residencies with animals has given me an excellent start in this exciting career and business working with dogs.

Monica “Nickee” Randolph
Crimora, Virginia USA

I am an industrial engineer living in Spain who decided to change his career and work with dogs. After hours and hours searching, I found the American College of Applied Science Behaviour Counselling program curriculum, methods, and reputation to be exactly what I was looking for. The program has allowed me to gain the necessary knowledge about the dog, his world, his behaviour, his adaptation with human beings, and the different perspectives that humans have toward dogs. It has been a pleasure to study with ACAS and its faculty because it is an excellent college for a person who is interested in dogs and animal behaviour. I am very grateful to ACAS for giving me the opportunity to study with them, as well as to share knowledge and very unforgettable moments in the academic residency workshops with teachers and others students.

Pedro Pagán, Canine Behaviour Counsellor, Spain

After 13 years as a teacher, I decided to make a career change and opened my own dog grooming business. Later I wished to add behavior and training to the services I provide. ACAS gave me the theoretical and hands-on skills to become successful. I jokingly say that my life has “Gone to the dogs” but I wouldn't want it any other way!

Christy Harrison
Hampton, Georgia

Having trained dogs for the past 13 years, I recognized that despite my vast experience in hands-on dog training, I needed a stronger theoretical foundation in applied animal behavior and the ensuing credentials necessary to do more advanced work in animal behavior problem solving. This is especially true when I am assisting caregivers with abnormal behavior problems that often lead to relinquishment and abandonment. The American College program helped me to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to design and implement effective behavioral intervention programs for family companion animals that better serve my present clients as well as local rescue groups and homeless animals.

Tiffany Barnes-Talley
Bixby, Oklahoma

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